Friday, 11 November 2016

Report of the Organizational Committee Meeting - 28 October 2016

Venue: St.Thomas Training College
Date: 28 October 2016
An Organizational Committee Meeting of the International Seminar was convened at 1.30 pm in the College Library on 28 October 2016 (Friday) presided over by Dr. C. P. Sreekantan Nair. The meeting was the second initiative to discuss upon metamorphosing the International Seminar to a successful reality. The meeting started with an invocation to Almighty by Dr. Resmi.R.Chandran (Asst. Prof.KUCTE,Kumarapuram, Tvpm) which was followed by the words of welcome by the Principal. The Chairman read out the Agenda for the day’s meeting and subjected the same for approval by members present.
Agenda for the Meeting
·         Presentation of the Report of the meeting held on 7th October 2016
·         Follow up of the meeting
·         Approval of the Brochure
·         Formation of Organizational Committee for the Seminar
·         Any other matter  as per the decision of the Chairman
The Meeting was attended by following members
·         Dr. C.P Sreekantan Nair (Chairman, CTE)
·         Dr. V. M. Sasikumar (National Vice President, South Zone, CTE)
·         Dr.Rajan Varghese (Secretary, Mar Thoma Church Educational Society, Tvpm & Former HoD, Dept of Commerce, Mar Ivanios College , Tvpm)
·         Prof.K.Jacob Mathew, Vice-Chairman, CTE (Former Principal, GCTE, Tvpm)
·         Prof.(Dr.)V.Reghu, Vice Chairman, CCEAM (Former Dean and Controller of  Examintions, RGNIYD, Sriperumbadur, Tamil Nadu)
·         Dr.M.S. Geetha, Vice Chairperson, CTE & Chairperson AIRIO (Former Dean Faculty of  Education, Univ.of Kerala  and  Former Principal, GCTE, Tvpm)
·          Dr.K.Y.Benedict,State Co-ordinator, CTE (Principal, Mar Theophilus Training College,Tvpm)
·         Dr.Rajeswari.K, Treasurer, CTE (Asst.Prof.,GCTE, Tvpm)
·         Dr.K.Anvar Secretary,CTE(Principal,M G Univ.College of Tr  Edn,  Nedumgandam)
·         Dr. T. Sundaresan Nair, Executive Member, CTE (Former Director, SRC, Kerala)
·         Mr.Pramod.D, Executive Member,CTE(Asst.Professor,CSI College of Teacher Education, Parassala)
·         Ms.Sobha.S (Principal, St.Jacob’s Training College, Menamkulam, Tvpm)
·         Dr. Resmi.R. Chandran (Asst. Prof. KUCTE,  Kumarapuram, Tvpm)
·         Ms. Seenu.G (Asst.Prof., KUCTE, Kumarapuram, Tvpm)
·         Mr.Sebastian.T.Joseph, (Principal, St.Thomas Central School, Tvpm)
·         Mrs.Annamma Cherian(Principal,St.Thomas Hr. Sec. School, Tvpm)
and the  following faculty of STTC
·         Ms. Anila Chacko (Principal & Asst.Prof. in English)
·         Ms.Nisha Chandran(Asst.Prof.of Gen.Edn)- Seminar Co-ordinator
·         Ms.Vidhya.R.R(Asst. Prof. of Mathematics) – Seminar Co-ordinator
·         Ms. Seema Karthikeyan (Asst. Prof. of General Education)
·         Ms.Asha Sindhu.S.S (Asst.Prof of Natural Science)
·         Ms.Anila .V.S (Asst.Prof of Physical Science)
·         Ms. Helen Hepsy.R.C (Asst.Prof. of Social Science)
The following members informed their inconvenience to attend the meeting.
·         Dr. Bindu R. L. General  Secretary, CTE (Assoc. Prof. Dept of  Edn,Tvpm)
·         Dr. Theresa Susan.A (HoD, Dept. of Education, Univ.of Kerala)
·         Dr.G.Valsala,Advisory Board Member,CTE(Former Principal, Govt. IASE, Thrissur)
·         Dr.Giby Geevarughese (Asst.Prof.Mar Theophilus Training College)
·         Dr.M. VijayakumariAmma (Principal, KUCTE, Kumarapuram)
·         Dr.T.K.Mathew (Principal, Titus II  Teachers College, Thiruvalla)
·         Dr.Jaya Jaise (Director, School of Pedagogical Sciences, Kottayam)
·         Dr.UshaKumari.K (Principal, S.N. Training College , Nedumganda)
·         Dr. Sobha.S. (Principal, NVKSD College of Education, Attoor)
·         Dr.Sajith Raj (Principal, CSI College of Education, Parassala)
·         Ms.Hima Sreekantan(Principal,Christ Nagar College of Edn, Thiruvallom)
Agenda 1
v  Presentation of the Report of the meeting held on 7th October 2016
The minutes of the previous meeting (7 October, 2016) was read out by the Seminar Co-ordinator Ms.Nisha Chandran.
Agenda 2

v  Follow up of the Meeting

Ø  The Main Theme and the sub-themes which were modified by Dr.A. Sukumaran Nair (Former VC, MG University) were distributed to the members present.
Sub Themes
·         Futurology of Teacher Education: Looking to the Third Decade of the 21st Century
·         Life Long Learning for the Emerging New Social Order
·         Development of Teacher Education in Indian States since Independence
·         Convergence of Technologies for Global Learning Environment
·         English Language Education for the New Global Order
·         Reconceiving Educational Research for the demands of the Knowledge Society
·         Developing Teacher Education as an Independent sub-discipline of Education
·         Augmenting Pedagogic Competence: The New Role for Teacher Educators
·         Developing a National Curriculum for Teaching Pedagogic Competence in Teacher Education Courses
·         Impact of Internationalization in Teacher Education
·         Accrediting Teacher Education Institution in India: Need for Creating Specialized Accreditation Agencies
·         Inclusive Education as a full-fledged New Area for Study in Advanced Courses in Education
·         Partnering Distance Education and e-learning
·         New Educational Approaches using New Management Principles
·         Teacher Empowerment for System Empowerment
·         Compensatory Education for Correcting Inadequate Learner Society Interaction
·         Environmental Consciousness as a New Challenge for Education
·         Role of Education in Developing Movement towards Women’s Rights
Ø  The registration dates for the Early Bird and Late Bird Entry were discussed upon and finalized as follows.

Early Bird
(upto 10 Dec.2016)
Late Bird
(upto 5 Jan.2017)
Spot Registration
Members of CTE
Non Members of CTE
M.Ed/M.Phil/P.G students
Research Scholars
Foreign Delegates
$ 100
$ 125
$ 150

As decided in the previous meeting (7 October) Chairman inaugurated the Registration Fee of the Seminar under the Early Bird category by handing over Rs.1200/- to the Principal. The following members also ensured their contribution and a temporary receipt was provided for the same from the College.
ü  Dr. V. M. Sasikumar
ü  Prof.K.Jacob Mathew
ü  Prof.(Dr.)V.Reghu
ü  Dr.M.S. Geetha
ü  Dr.Rajeswari.K
ü  Dr. T. Sundaresan  Nair
ü  Dr.K. Anvar
ü  Mr.Pramod.D
ü  Dr.Bindu R.L
ü  Dr.G.Valsala
ü  Dr.M.Vijayakumai Amma

Ø  Preparation of Letter Head
·         Suggestions were put forward by Dr.V.Reghu to include the following dignitaries as Patrons in the Letter Head by extending a personal invitation.
                             Minister for Education
                             Secretary, Higher Education Council
                             Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala
·         It was decided to prepare the Letter Head in duplicate.
(i)                  With the names of the Chairmen, Organizing Secretary and      Convenors of various   committees.
(ii)                With the inclusion of the names of all the Patrons, after finalizing on   the same.
·         Dr. V. Reghu has agreed to offer all support with needed guidelines  for inviting the dignitaries who would not only popularize the meet, but will also pave way for financial support.
Agenda 3
v  Approval of the Brochure
Minor changes in the Brochure have been mentioned by the members present.
·         Prof. K Jacob Mathew has offered to shoulder the responsibility of printing the Brochure (Rs. 10,000/-) for the Seminar.
·         Dr.B.Krishnaprasad has agreed to print the Certificates (Rs.3000/-)
·         SPFERD, AIRIO & CCEAM have also extended their financial support for refreshment on the first and second day.The decisions were whole heartedly welcomed by all.
Agenda 4
v  Formation of Organizational Committee for the Seminar
·          Principal read out the names of the Chairman & Convenors of various Committees.
·         It was decided to conduct the next meeting at Govt. College of Teacher Education, Tvpm, wherein the Conveners of all committees are to chart out the various activities to be planned and implemented at the earliest as a pre phase preparation. Dr. Rajeshwari.K, Treasurer CTE, (Asst.Prof.,GCTE) was asked to make the arrangements for the same.
Agenda 5
v  Any other matter  as per the decision of the Chairman
·         It was suggested that cultural programmes if included would be a fruitful effort but at no extra cost preferably an hour’s programme (between 5.30pm –6.30p.m), utilizing the services of the students.
·         With regard to accommodation, it was decided that tariff rates of the nearby hotels need to be provided and any clarifications needed can be extended.
·         Based on general consensus it was decided that instead of both abstract and compendium, it would be sufficient to release the Compendium.
·         Secretary, MTCES, Dr. Rajan Varghese, who graced the occasion with his presence, was warmly welcomed by Dr.C.P.Sreekantan Nair, who thanked the Management for their support as well as requested involvement with the same vigour to transform the Seminar to a successful reality. Secretary too extended all needed support from the part of the Management wishing all success for the endeavour.
·         The presence of the Principals of the sister concerns Mr. Sebastian T. Joseph (Principal St. Thomas Central School) and Mrs. Annamma Cherian (Principal St. Thomas Hr. Sec. School) reflected on their support to make the Seminar successful.
Striking at the right chords for still greater enduring results in the ensuing discussions, the meeting culminated with a word of thanks by the Seminar

Co-ordinator Ms.Nisha Chandran at 3.45p.m.