Sunday, 30 December 2012

Souvenir of Decennial Convention - A treasured document

Souvenir of the International Education Meet and 26th National Convention & Decennial Celebration of CTE Kerala held on 4 th, 5 th, 6 th and 7 th of January 2012, at Mar Theophilus Training College, Nalanchira, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is getting ready. All the delegates who participated in the mega-event can have copies of the souvenir by paying a token amount of INR 100. The volume in multi-colour has an exhaustive list of delegates participated in the global meet and can be preserved as a treasured monument of the academic solidarity and network we built and experienced. Contact Gen. Secretary CTE, Kerala on or visit the exhibition pavilion of 11th State convention of CTE, Kerala at Fathima Memorial Training College, Pallimukku, Kollam, on 11th and 12 th of January 2013. 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

CTE 11th State Convention - Consultation Meeting of Organising Committee

A meeting of the organising committee of IQEE-2013 is convened at Fathima Memorial Training College, Pallimukku, Kollam, the venue of the convention on 31st December 2012, Monday, from 2 pm onwards.  All office bearers and executive committee members of CTE Kerala are cordially invited. The local organising team is making hectic preparation for the successful convention and the International Seminar. The programme schedule, exhibition arrangements, publicity and CTE awards are the major points of discussion in the agenda. The meeting is expected to wind up by 3.30 pm on the day. 

Dr. K. Y. Benedict (General Secretary, CTE, Kerala)

Message from Prof. Nilima Bhagabati, International Secretary General of Council for Teacher Education


  Dt: 28/12/12

It gives me immense happiness to know that council for Teacher Education, Kerala Chapter is organizing the 11th. State Convention and International Seminar on 11th-12th. January, 2013 in Fathima Memorial College, Kollam,  Kerela.
The present century is a century of knowledge. The prime task of knowledge makers is to think of innovative ideas, high technologies and develop Human resources to the optimum to meet the multiple needs of the present century. Synthesis of innovations, Quality and Excellence in all strata of Education is the only path to meet the challenges underlying Global Education in this era.
It is extremely praiseworthy that the Organizers of 11th. State Convention of CTE has framed the International Seminar theme on “Innovations, Quality and Excellence in Education” which will create a scholarly ambience to discuss the various aspects of the theme in context to the present century.
I am positive and optimistic that the two days International Seminar will focus on the Theme and adoption of innovative, constructive strategies to translate the Theme into reality and action and thereby realizing the inspired vision of former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam.
I congratulate the Organizers for their sincere efforts in organizing the International Seminar and the leaders of CTE Kerela Chapter for their untiring hard works in keeping the CTE Flag flying at a great height.
Best wishes remains for grand success of the mega event. Wishing a Happy Prosperous New year. May Peace, harmony and happiness reign the world

Prof. Nilima Bhagabati, M.A  Ph.D, FCCEAM
International Secretary General
Council for Teacher Education.                                                     

Friday, 28 December 2012


10-12 JANUARY 2013


9.00 am: Registration
10.00am; Inaugural ceremony, Excellence Award Distribution, Releasing of publications/compendium
11.00am: Dr. N. P. Pillai Memorial Lecture and Theme Talk
1.15 pm-5 Pm: Seminar in parallel Sessions
5.15 pm: Cultural Evening
6.45 pm: CT E General Body

8.15 am: Registration
8.45 am: Seminar in parallel Sessions
10.00 am: Invited Talk
11.00 am: Competition for Best Paper presenter and Researcher awards/ Seminar sessions
1.30 pm: Plenary Session/Resolutions
2.15 pm: Valedictory sessions and Awards Distribution
3.45 pm: Good Bye
4.15 pm: Post-Seminar Kollam Darsan / Boating... (Optional; Not Finalised; not inclusive in the registration fee)

Monday, 24 December 2012



            An exhibition pavilion is arranged at the 11th state convention of CTE Kerala to be held on 11th and 12th of January 2012 for the Institutional Life Members of CTE Kerala. All the institutional life members are requested to send copies of recent publications like Souvenirs, Magazines, Journals of the college, books by Faculty members and students, monographs and study materials. If authorized persons are available, sail and subscription canvassing of books and journals will be promoted. All are requested to make use of this opportunity. Send copies of publications o be displayed to The Principal, Fatima Memorial Training College, Pallimukku, Kollam, Kerala to reach on or before 09th January 2013.

NB: Teacher Training Institutions in Kerala and U.T. of Lakshadweep, that wish to join as Institutional Life Members are requested to contact Dr. K.Y. Benedict, General Secretary, CTE Kerala (Mob: 9387829922, Email:


The date to submit proposals for the following awards instituted by CTE Kerala State Centre; to be declared and awarded in the 11th State Convention to be held at Fatima Memorial Training College, Pallimukku, Kollam, Kerala on 11th and 12th January 2013 is extended up to 5pm on 1st January 2013.

1.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai Memorial Award for Academic Excellence

CTE Kerala State Centre has instituted the Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai Memorial Award for Academic Excellence to honour the pioneers of Education in the country for their outstanding achievement in the field of Teacher Education as well as in the public domain. This award is instituted in the name of the great educationalist Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, who was the founder Chairman of CTE in the state and the pioneer of various academic activities in the country and abroad. This Award constituted in 2008, after the sad demise of Dr. Pillai, consists of a cash award of Rs.10,001/- and a Citation.

2.   Dr. K. Soman Memorial Award for Teacher Educator of the Year

The 'Best Teacher Educator Award' is constituted by the CTE, Kerala State Centre to motivate practicing teacher educators to be a model to students and society from 2004 onwards,  Later it was renamed as 'Award for Teacher Educator of the Year' in the year 2008. Now this Award is known as 'Dr. K. Soman Memorial Award for Teacher Educator of the Year' as a tribute to the great Educationist and pioneer of Teaching of Mathematics. The Award consists of a cash prize of Rs. 2000/- , Memento and Certificate. The amount for this award was sponsored by well-wishers. From 2010 onwards it is sponsored by Dr. Suresh, Kollam.

3.  Dr. N. Vedamani Manual Award for Best paper Presentation

Those who wish to participate in the competition session of the State Convention and National Seminar must inform the matter earlier to the organizing secretary at along with full paper and abstract and registration fee before January 1st 2013. The award consists of a cash price of Rs. 1000 and a certificate.

4.  Dr. N. D. Joshi Memorial Award for Institutional Excellence to Institutional Life Members of CTE

'Dr. N. D. Joshi Memorial Rolling Trophy' instituted  from 2011 is to be awarded to Teacher Education Institutions (Institutional Life Members of CTE Kerala) for their involvement and support to the programmes of CTE to strengthen the cause of Teacher Education in the state of Kerala. This Rolling Trophy is instituted to commemorate the academic contributions of Dr. N. D. Joshi, Former Faculty Member, Department of Education, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram and Former Visiting Faculty, School of Pedagogical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and a pioneer in the field of Tribal Education. This Rolling Trophy is sponsored by the Doctoral Research students of Dr. Joshi. The institution is identified by a State level panel of eminent educational experts and administers. The institutional member colleges are earnestly requested to forward two copies of proposal highlighting the achievements of the institution in the last three academic years on areas like: Academic, Co-curricular, Research and Extension, Student Support, Innovative Healthy Practices, Governance and Administration and Collaboration with CTE. Each criterion is to be supported with evidence of results/outcome. (Size of the report is to be limited within 10 pages in A4 size paper, heading(s) 14/12 points and text 10 points with 1.15 spacing between lines).

5. K. M. Jacob & Mary Jacob Ever Rolling Trophy for Student - Teachers

First Rank Holder of B.Ed. Course, University of Kerala, will be honoured with K.M. Jacob & Mary Jacob Memorial Ever Rolling Trophy sponsored by Prof. K. Jacob Mathew, Former Member Syndicate, University of Kerala; and Former Principal, Govt. College of Teacher Education, as a tribute to his beloved parents. The Ever-Rolling Trophy will be given to the institution where the Rank Holder has studied and the Student- Teacher will be presented with a memento and certificate. The first award will be given to the student(s) who score the first rank for B.Ed. course – Kerala University in the academic year 2010-’11.

6. Dr. P. K. Sudheesh Kumar Memorial award for Best paper on ‘Innovations/ Advancements in Education’

‘Award for Best paper on ‘Innovations/ Advancements in Education’ is instituted by CTE Kerala in memorial of Dr.P.K. Sudheesh Kumar who was Reader in the Department of Education, University of Calicut, Kerala. This award, sponsored by Dr. C. M. Bindhu, (w/o Late Dr. P. K. Sudheesh Kumar) Associate Professor, Farook Training College, Calicut, intends to motivate teacher educators and to foster creativity and sense of innovative spirit among them. The award consists of a Cash of Rs. 1000/-, memento and a certificate.
This award is open to all the participants who present paper in the Annual Conventions/ Conferences organized by CTE Kerala. The awardee is selected from among the papers accepted for presentation in CTE conference/ convention on the basis of criteria developed by CTE.
Dr. P. K. Sudheesh Kumar was Reader in the Department of Education, University of Calicut, Kerala. As a dedicated teacher and researcher in education and psychology, he had 16 years of teaching and research experience in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and he had produced 6 Ph.D works. Being a double Ph.D. holder, both in Education and Psychology, he had substantial amount of research outputs. He was the recipient of two National Awards.  He had authored several books. A few among them are ‘Instructional Learning Strategies and Cognitive Entry Behaviour: An Experimental Analysis’, ‘Jigsaw Process in Education’, ‘How Pupils Learn? - Theory Research and Practice’, ‘Social Studies in the Classroom- Trends & Methods’ and ‘Psychology in the Classroom - Theories into Practice’.

7.     Mementoes to Ph. D. Holders from CTE members

Those who go Ph.D. from February 2012 from any universities in India or abroad, who are members of CTE Kerala, can apply for this with a copy of the Ph.D. degree certificate and an abstract of their work. Those who failed to receive it earlier can also apply this time

Forward the proposals to
Dr. K.Y. Benedict
General Secretary, CTE
M.T.T.College, Nalanchira, Thiruvannthapuram, Kerala, India, 695015
Phone: 09387829922

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

National Seminar and 11th State Convention of CTE Kerala - 11 and 12 Jan 2013

Photos of Committe  meeting for IQEE 2013 at FMTC Pallimukku, Kollam

Minutes of Meetings held

09-11-12, 2:30pm
·         Selection of members for various committees for the conduct of national seminar
·         Assigning duties to members
·         Starting an account in a nationalized bank for accommodating payment by the delegates
The meeting began at 2.30pm in the principal’s chamber. Principal Ms.Anitha.N gave a warm welcome to the members. CTE South Zone National Vice President Dr.V.M.Sasi Kumar detailed about the features and dealings of CTE Kerala chapter. Two minutes silence was observed on behalf of the fifth year of demise of the first president of CTE, Dr.Sivadasan Pillai. The motive behind selecting Fathima Memorial Training College for the CTE convention was discussed by Dr.K.Y.Benedict (General Secretary CTE). The change of theme from “Trends in Innovations, Quality and Excellence in Emerging Educational Scenario” to “Innovation, Quality and Excellence in Education IQEE 2013” was announced by Dr.K.Y.Benedict. He also detailed the expected income and expenditure and the tentative plan was handed over to the principal. Doubts regarding Easy Chair Registration and ISBN were raised by Mr.Sameem.M.S and clarifications were given by the CTE executive members.
·               To prepare brochures (around 500 copies)
·               To select 7 committees for the smooth conduct of the programme
·               To allot duties to the faculty
·               Publish seminar compendium with ISBN status
·               Next meeting scheduled on 1st December 2012
Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.BindhuT.S (Organising Secretary). The meeting ended at 4pm.

11-12-12, 2:30pm

  • ·         Media Publicity
  • ·         Conference Alert Registration
  • ·         Preparation of Panelist Forum
  • ·         Cultural Event Arrangements
  • ·         Exhibition of Research Journals by institutions
The meeting was held in the Principal’s cabin. After the silent prayer the formal meeting began at 2.30pm. Mr.Sameem M.S, Convener Registration Committee discussed the progress of the activities. The time for the cultural event was fixed to one hour. Details of registering in the conference alert were given by Dr.K.Y. Benedict. Inquiry about registration and seminar papers by the CTE members were detailed by Ms.Ambili.R (Organising Secretary) and Dr.Vijayalekshmi.N.S (Convener Finance Committee).

  • ·         News to be given in leading news papers
  • ·         Press club meeting to be held on January 3rd
  • ·         Immediate display of  flex  at Pallimukku junction
  • ·         Register in
  • ·         Invite ministers for inaugural session
  • ·         Intimation to panelists
  • ·         Monitoring session wise paper presentation and preparing report by faculty
  • ·         Assign register numbers to the seminar paper presenters
Vote of thanks was proposed by Mr.Sameem.M.S (Convener Registration Committee). The meeting ended at 4 pm. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

International Seminar and 27th Annual Conference of CTE

Participants from CTE Kerala, who have already booked tickets to Dibrugarh, and are in the process of Registration for the Conference...
1. Dr. C. P. Sreekantan Nair (Chairman, CTE, Kerala)
2. Prof. K. Jacob Mathew (Vice-Chairman, CTE, Kerala)
3. Dr. M. S. Geetha (Vice Chairperson, CTE, Kerala)
4. Dr. Grace Annie Mathews, Vice Chairperson, CTE, Kerala. 
5. Dr. K. Y. Benedict (General Secretary, CTE Kerala)
6. Dr. V. M. Sasikumar [National Vice-President (South)]
7. Dr. G. Valsala (Secretary, CTE Kerala)
8. Dr. K. Rajeswari (Treasurer, CTE, Kerala)
9. Dr. B. Krishnaprasad (Life Member, CTE, Kerala)
10. Dr. T. K. Mathew (Life Member, CTE, Kerala)
11. Dr. M. Omanaseelan (Life Member, CTE, Kerala)
12. Mr. K. Anvar (Life Member, CTE, Kerala)
13. Ms. Karpagam S. (Life Member, CTE, Kerala)
14. Ms. Raji G. R. (Life Member, CTE, Kerala)
15. Mr. Pramod D. (Life Member, CTE, Kerala)

More CTE members and non-members from Kerala are expected to join the conference....

Thursday, 12 January 2012


The CTE International President, National CTE Coordinator, National CTE Treasurer, CTE Journal Chief Editor,   SC Khurana, CTE Secy, Publications, Dr Satinder Dhillon, Vice President CTE(North zone), Dr. VM Sasi Kumar, Vice President CTE(South zone), Dr. K.Y Benedict, Secretary CTE Kerala, Vice President, CTE Kerala, Principal  MTTC  Tivandrum,   President/ Secretary/ vice President /S S Sangah & all delegates from Punjab,  President CTE Uttar Pradesh and delegates, Dr U. Guha and delegates from Maharashtra, Dr. Shinty from Karnataka and delegates, Dr. J D Singh, Port Blair, All members of the Organising committee of 26th.  Annual   International Conf. Trivandrum, All delegates from various States of India and abroad, The Faculty members and students of MTTC, Trivandrum.  Organizers of the Cultural nite.
The 26th CTE annual International conference  organized by MTTC, Trivandrum and collaborated by a number of Organization was held at  MTTC Trivandrum on 5th-7th. January. 2012.
The International Conf. was a wonderful mega event and turned into a mini globe with participants from various states of India and abroad. The entire conference days from Inauguration to valedictory function was extremely organized and meticulously planned. The discipline, sincerity, punctuality, hospitality and quality of presentations by invited  scholars and paper presenters were  extremely marvelous and International standard. The input and hard work on the scene and behind the scene put by the Organizers, Principal of MTTC and students proved that Team work and sincerity is the key to success. The International mega Conference was mind blowing and meaningful and words are inadequate to express  thanks and gratitude to all organizers, delegates, participants, members of collaborating organizations and CTE family. On behalf of Council for Teacher education, it is my privilege to thank sincerely each and every one of you.
On the platform of the International conference the 2011, best CTE state awards was given to both Punjab and Chandigarh and Kerala  as both the CTE states have done wonderful constructive activities for the cause of Education in general and Teacher education in particular during the year 2011.
A number of awards initiated by CTE Kerala were presented to the awardees on various categories. CTE also awarded a number of participants as cash prize was donated by Council for Teacher Education and Nephew of late Dr. Gulab  Chaurasia.
Cultural Nite organized by MTTC college was marvelous. All the performers were excellent and particularly Miss Vandana who danced to the tune of classical music with one leg proved that nothing can obstruct a disable person when will is there. She showed to the world that disability can also bow down before talent. Hats off to Vandana.  CTE has specially awarded cash prize to her for unique performance.
The 27th. CTE annual International conference will be hosted by Dibrugarh University, Assam in January 2013. Again it is my privilege to invite you all to this beautiful state lying in North-East India to be a part of another mega event.
From 2012 there will be a number of awards. You are requested to work hard and be the proud CTE state  to receive award. There will be awards for,
1.Two best CTE States,  
2.Best News letter published. 
3. Highest number of CTE Life members enrolled
4 Three best Paper Presenters ( to be given by CTE)
With these happy inspiring news from the desk of International Secretary General I wish you all Happy New year and hearty congratulations for organizing a memorable International meet.
Thanking you all.
Jai Bharat
Long live CTE
Prof. (Dr) Nilima Bhagabati, International Secretary General, Council for Teacher Education

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dr. K. Soman Memorial Award for Teacher Educator of the Year 2011

Dr. Teresa Susan A.
Dr. Teresa Susan A, Head, Department of Education, University of Kerala is the recipient of the 'Dr. K. Soman Memorial Award for Teacher Educator of the Year 2011' , for her exemplary services to Teacher Education and active intervention in the field of Research in Education. She is the daughter of veteran educationist Dr. Mercy Abraham, Former Professor, Department of Education, University of Kerala.

'Dr. K. Soman Memorial Award for Teacher Educator of the Year', a tribute to the great Educationist and pioneer of Teaching of Mathematics.' is constituted by the CTE, Kerala State Centre to motivate practicing teacher educators to be a model to students and society from 2004 onwards. The Award consists of a cash prize of Rs. 2000/- , Memento and Certificate.